Archimonde is dead

by The_Balderama, 158 days ago


And no, he did not die of old age. We actually killed him!


Now with kill video. Very clean for a first kill if you ask us,


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by The_Balderama, 174 days ago

Archimonde progress




We're finally getting closer to a kill. The first 2 phases are sort of under control, and we more or less just need to keep our cool during the last phase.

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Mannoroth got what he deserved!

by The_Balderama, 218 days ago

It has been a couple of weeks since we actually got this bad boy. I just never got around to make an announcement.

After a couple of attempts in the last phase he finally gave up and died. And for once we actually had a dps warrior alive on a progress kill. Good job Dwarfy, make it a habit :)


Archie is next!

Sadly our roster is a bit thin so we are looking for 2 awesome dps, and possible a healer. Drop us an application or contact me on real-id (balder#2714)

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