The Mystics is a world of warcraft guild on Saurfang EU realm (now mergerd with Terokkar and Darkspear). We are a group of players from diverse backgrounds and many different countries that come together and kill bosses. We raid 2 nights a week.

We have been raiding since Tier 10, starting out as a casual and levelling orientated guild during ToTC, transitioning to organnized raiding 3 times a week during Icecrown Citadel. Our aim was never to compete for realm #1 or a certain world rank, but to progress at a steady pace and have fun.

Raid Times (realm time)

Wednesday: 20.00 - 23.00

Sunday: 20.00 - 23.00


What we offer

A very relaxed guild atmosphere
Good progression for only raiding 6 hours a week. Opportunites to do Mythic+ Dungeons and a large number of social/friend members who really make the guild a great place to be.
Essentially, we want to have the best results possible when raiding, whilst keeping a reasonable schedule and having an absolute blast at the same time! This is wy we have a core team of players who have played together for a number of years.

Our ambition is to clear all content before new is released, but not at all cost. Keeping a friendly and laid-back atmoshpere while progressing is more imporrtant to us.

Our raid team is predominantly British, but we've also got quite a few players from central europe. Age wise the majority are between 25 and 40.

What we look for from you

Perform well, we expect you to be a competant and experienced raider. Keep up with class changes and stay on top of your game. Have the right attitude, we don't want e-heroes or people that moan or drag the raid down but theres plenty of time for trash talking within reason as well as having a good time. Ability to raid a minimum of 3 out of 4 raid nights on average,