An End to Raiding

by GrimGnome, 110 days ago

Raiding under The Mystics Banner has come to an end.

We (and I) have been raiding more or less none stop since ToC and ICC and I would lie if I said that this does not affect me a little.

I was not an founding member of the mystics - but have been with the guild since before we started raiding. I am perhaps also one of the few people still active (apart from MysticsDK) that know where the name came from and why there somewhere is an Horde guild called The Skeksis.

It is sad to see this end - but I also see this as a chance for the raid team to start a new.

So in memory of everyone who raided with us through good and bad - farewell to The Mystic.

- and to everyone still raiding good luck to Ignite.


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Merry Christmas

by The_Balderama, 243 days ago

I have noticed the website is a bit quiet, so I'll go ahead and wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year! My thoughts are with you and your family in particular Tom, cheers old sport!

Good luck getting that 7/7 mythic soon, you can do it!'


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