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What we need:

We're recruiting for legion. 

1 healer 

2  ranged DPS 

Raid times:
Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday 20-23 Realm Time.
We may occasionally add an extra raid day, usually Wednesday. But this is something we try to keep at an absolute minimum, and we don't expect it to happen more than 2 or 3 times in each raiding tier.

What we expect from you:
Be able to attend all 3 raid nights.
Have Heroic (Mythic) experience from current or previous tiers.

Have a PC and internet-connection capable of raiding without dc'ing or dying from standing in fire.
Have enough gold so repairs, BiS enchants and consumeables won't be a problem.
But more than anything, be a comptetent raider! Stay on top of your game, and be ready to change spec if needed. As much as we want to help, each individual raider is responsible for choosing the right spec, talents for each fight. 

We use lootcouncil for distributing loot. Don't expect much loot if you are a recruit.

We dont recruit players for the bench or as back ups. All players will get to raid, so atttendance is important. We ask a minimum of 75%.

Being a recruit:
As a recruit you'll be subject to a 2 week trial where we will monitor your performance during raids. In case we feel the need to extend the trial period an extra week or two might be added.

We intend to run a 25man roster for Mythic raiding, which means we will have people sitting out or on standby constantly. We will do our best to distribute this evenly between our raiders, but for progress some classes, specs or individual players will be preferred over others.

We are always open for "social members" if there is someone out there looking for a mature and friendly guild to hang out with.

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